Her Body Curious: Leaps

“The mysterious leap from the mind to the body to the mind to the body…”

Sometimes her body does things she can’t understand. It leaps ahead of her thoughts and conscious feelings.

She went hysterically blind when a boy in junior high school asked her out. The morning after Kurt Cobain died she was trapped between sleep and consciousness, awake but her body wouldn’t move.

And sometimes, when the night comes, her feet and hands feel like they’re being burned from the inside. And sometimes, with an epiphany, a sharp pain stabs from inside her lower abdomen.

She was never taught that her body is more than a food processor, a transportation vehicle, and a container for her brain.

She was never taught that the body is the loudest voice in the room when the mind can’t speak.

She was never taught to listen to the context of the body’s pain and discomfort so that the mind can let go.

She was never told of the mind-body.

She was never taught that the mind-body is space-time, a continuum, so both are responsible and neither is to blame.

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