Terms, Words, Phrases and Other Things I Love

A growing list of things I love. Words, quotes, terms, experiences, ideas, books, magazines, films, places and other things…

Things Inspiring

Writing poetry: Though I am the inventor, it is my salvation.

Reading poetry: My soul is fed and my mind is blown.

Reading: Anything well written, thoughtful really.

Travel: Where you go, there you are…emptied of the burden of being anything but.

Things Said

“Shut up when grown people are talking” + “Learn something or shut the fuck up” (because people talk to much and say too little)

“Hate is contagious” (like syphilis…and ignorance)

“Life’s a journey, not a destination” (because it is)

Things With Words + Letters

Symbiotic: because I love all things harmonious

Continuum: because I like how the words looks and how it feels when I say it…don’t judge

Things Read

CRWN Magazine: A great new magazine for women of color that’s not fashion or beauty focused…finally. Though, not a fan of it skewing toward the younger. But…baby steps, right.

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah: I love biographies and this one did not disappoint. Both hilarious and heartbreaking, it’s one of those books that I literally could not stop reading.  I was always a fan of Trevor Noah before the Daily Show. This book is why. Well, that and he’s delicious…seriously have you seen him?!

Falling In Love With Where You Are: Ruminations in poetry and prose on accepting yourself as you are, and life as it is.

Why Buddhism Is True: Listened to the audible book on long walks around the lake or on my “urban hikes”. This is a well researched, often humorous approach to understanding the “science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment.”

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry: Cause I love all things about the universe. The science, the mystery, the cosmic questions about where we began and what we’re made of…

Things Entertaining

Madam Secretary: One of the few shows on TV that’s very well written, well acted and balances serious topics with humor and a genuine attempt at “good TV”. And the female lead is not commodified or objectified in anyway! How rare and refreshing.

Ted Lasso: Such a well written, witty, funny, and entertaining TV series about an American hired as a coach for a fledgling per British football/soccer team. Unbeknownst to the coach, he’s hired to sink the team as revenge for the owner’s ex-husband divorcing her. The premise of the show is similar to the 80s film Major League.

Chewing Gum: All I have to say is WTF? Fucking hilarious, strange and perfectly executed comedy. Michaela Coel and Susan Wokoma are brilliant!

Other Things

Edinburgh: My new favorite city in the UK. Sorry London, you’ve been bumped.

Rain: Ever notice when it rains, people scurry like rats into their homes. I get the streets all to myself, which if you know me, is how I like it.