Secret fellowship of the disappearing world

There are still some corners of the world that you can disappear into. Physical ones, real ones, fully tangible, byte-free. Ones discovered on urban hikes, rambles, thoughtless walks, tiny adventures through familiar landscapes.

Corners of your neighborhoods, cities, countries, that belong still to no one but everyone. WiFi agnostic and apolitical. Where your thoughts echo in the silence and don’t ram into each other competing for your attention. Where the flap of a butterfly’s wings sync to the sounds of wind and rustling leaves. Where you can see for the first time each time you discover.

There are no maps of the disappearing world, paper or digital. No GPS coordinates. When you walk without a destination or purpose, you find them. Being is the only requirement to finding them. 

And you’ll never discover the same place twice even if you find the same place twice. The flavors of the days shift feelings and orientation; shift the way the sun touches every angle and the shadows dance; shifts the way winds shiver tree leaves; shifts the way your body feels in the soft chords of silence.

When you find these disappearing places don’t share their locations or your journeys of discovery. It’s your secret. Let others uncover their own secrets.

Be a silent member of the secret fellowship of the disappearing world.